Powered by Android 5.0 this device connects you in every way possible.

We used this solid foundation software because it's supported in more countries than later versions, it's very stable, and operated with 3G networks without hindrance.

All functions (including phone calls, text messaging, and email) operate without needing WiFi.

EQINX is a fully unlocked open-source device, it speaks your language - literally. Talk to it and dictate messages with the voice assistant in 23 languages, it works on any network anywhere in the world. Download Apps like WhatsApp™, Messenger™ or Skype™ to make live video calls, or pick from the millions available in the Google™ Play Store to personalize your watch.  EQINX has a 2 megapixel camera and video camera making it ideal for selfies and social updates. It’s equipped with WiFi and bluetooth for easy connectivity, has a full QWERTY keyboard for data entry, it’s waterproof, has a sync-contacts feature, and a heart-rate monitor with pedometer for fitness tracking. Oh, and it also tells the time…..

EQINX uses the Apps you’re already familiar with. It’s great for people of all ages, including children and the older generation. EQINX is simple to learn and easy to operate, and you can even tether it to your existing device if you want to.

Call, Text, Stream and Record

With EQINX you can communicate effortlessly without having a phone in your pocket. Easily control anything you want to do, such as your home security system, texting or calling friends, listening to music, or sharing photos and videos. Want to take notes and remember moments of genius? It also has a voice recorder.

Take Photos

With a 2 megapixel camera built into the EQINX you can take pictures or shoot live video anywhere you go with excellent clarity!

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