For decades we have wanted a watch just like those we saw in Dick Tracy or Star Wars. A communication device you can talk to that fits-in with modern society and social needs in real life.

A combined smart phone, camera and fitness tracker.  A gadget that connects you directly with all your social media channels, plays videos and streams music, without needing to have WiFi nearby. A watch that can be fully customized by downloading almost any App, and flexible enough to use anywhere in the world with any cellular carrier.

This is the very latest technology in wearable smart devices, and it does all these things right now! It's packed with brand new features never seen on a watch before including a 2 megapixel video camera.
Powered by Android 5.0 for truly global use, this is a full-featured smart phone, camera, and fitness tracker all-in-one. It’s also the smallest smart phone in the world. Wear it on your wrist and discover the most powerful smart watch on the planet. Simply insert a SIM card to access data, cellphone function, text messaging and email. It operates without needing WiFi and you don’t have to tether your existing phone to it or be near an internet connection. Your EQINX runs all functions anywhere you go and streams live data independently. EQINX has 23 languages installed, and is a fully unlocked open-source device. It works on any mobile network, anywhere in the world! Download Apps like Messenger™ or Skype™ to make live video calls, or pick from the millions of other Apps available in the Google™ Play Store to customize your watch. You can even download Google Assistant™.  EQINX has a 2 megapixel video camera making it ideal for selfies and social media updates. It’s equipped with WiFi and bluetooth for easy connectivity, has a full QWERTY keyboard for data entry, it’s waterproof, has a sync-contacts feature, and a heart-rate monitor and pedometer for fitness tracking.
The next generation of smart micro-technology is the EQINX, in fact we are 3 generations ahead of other big name brands.

You don't need to own a cell phone or iPhone to use EQINX because EQINX is a stand-alone cell phone all by itself. 

Measuring just 42mm long, 12mm thick and 34mm wide, EQINX is the smallest Android phone in the world, but don’t let its size fool you. It's packed with the same features and works exactly the same way as your existing smart phone.
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